Just a little paper I wrote: Republicans V. Democrats

During the 1800’s, two political parties appeared. In 1824, the Democratic Party was established. Thirty years later, in 1854, the Republican Party was founded (Democrat vs. Republican). Each party, then and now supports different viewpoints. No one side is better than the other, no matter how much their supporters claim. One side may be more popular than the other, but not necessarily better.

A few obvious differences include each party’s mascot or symbol. For the Democrats, it’s the donkey; Republicans, it’s the elephant. The symbols, or mascots, were a means of negative attacks on the individual running. The origin of these symbols goes all the way back to the 1800’s. In 1828, while Andrew Jackson, a democrat, was running on the populist platform for president, his opponents referred to him as a jackass (donkey). Naturally, Jackson turned it around, adding the donkey to his campaign, comparing the donkey to his stubbornness to his opponents. Later, in 1837, after Jackson had left office a cartoonist illustrated Jackson pulling a donkey which represented the Democratic Party. It symbolized the stubborn Democratic Party not wanting to follow the past president. This began the habit of associating the democrats to the Donkey. (Donkey and the Elephant)

The Republican’s mascot, the elephant, came a few years later in 1864 in a presidential campaign newspaper for Abraham Lincoln. The illustration “showed the elephant holding a banner and celebrating union victories. Seeing the elephant was slang for engaging in combat so the elephant was a logical choice to represent successful battles. ” (The Donkey and the Elephant). However, it wasn’t until 1874 when a cartoonist depicted both these mascots which solidified them as the official symbols for each party.
In addition to mascots, each party has a specific color to represent their party. The Democrats are blue while the Republicans are red. “Due to the TV coverage during some of the presidential elections in the past, the color Red has become associated with the Republicans (as in Red states – the states where the Republican presidential nominee wins) and Blue is associated with the Democrats. “ (Democrat vs. Republican)
There are many other differences in these two political parties, such as their views. Republicans tend to more conservative while Democrats are more liberal. On a more serious issue, such as abortion, Republicans (mostly) believe that abortion should be illegal and the Roe V. Wade case from 1973 should be overturned. Democrats, mostly, are more pro-choice, supporting the Roe V. Wade decision. This issue should be researched by each person to decide for themselves. Not every Democrat is pro-choice while not ever Republican is pro-life.

Republicans, mostly, support the death penalty while Democrats, mostly, are against the death penalty. This is another topic that deserves each person’s own thoughts to determine what they believe in. Again, not all Democrats are against it while not all Republicans are for it.

In the issue of gun rights, our Second Amendment rights, Republicans tend to be for keeping our right to keep and bear arms. Democrats, mostly, tend to be for having stricter gun regulations. Democrats also state that guns kill people. Republicans are more pro-gun rights stating it’s our right as an American citizen to have a firearm in our homes and to protect our loved ones when necessary. Some Republicans believe that it is a slippery slop with creating more gun regulations, stating that once it starts, it’s hard to find a stopping point.

On a similar note to the above topic, military funding, Democrats tend to be for less military funding and spending while Republicans are for more military spending and funding. It is their opinion that if we cut the spending to our military we won’t be protected. Democrats seem to want to take away all America’s ability to protect ourselves, while Republicans want to ensure that we, as a nation, are safe.

Democrats tend to have a more socialist view on how we as a nation should run. They believe that a community responsibility is best, while Republicans are more for individual responsibility. In a community responsible nation, no one would truly own anything. Everything would be shared among the rest of the community. If one person goes went to school and achieved a master’s degree in their field and made a lot of money, that person would be responsible for supporting the more impoverished population. Republicans, who are for individual responsibility, disagree by saying that if one hard-working person is made to support others who are just too lazy to work hard, the one who is supporting the others will stop working hard. This will end up bringing the wealthy down and keep the impoverished down, because if someone else isn’t required to work hard, why should the rest of the population?

On the issue of gay rights, Republicans tend to be more against gay rights while Democrats are more pro-gay rights. This is yet another topic that should not be involved in politics. This should be based on personal preference and should fall under the Right to Privacy, which is protected by the constitution.
There are many differences to these political parties. All have their reasons as to why they think the way they do. It might be personal reasons or religious reasons. The important thing to remember is that it’s each person’s right to research each issue and decide for themselves what they believe in. Each party thinks that its views are the right views, but that is just another opinion. Most of these issues will never be worked out, but that’s politics. No matter what happens there will always be opposing views and the other is always wrong, no matter what side an individual is on. However, it is our responsibility as educated Americans to spread our knowledge with the rest of the population to help them decide what is best for them.

–Tattooed Liberty



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