Sex Education for Kindergartners

In a shocking discovery I came across an article on talking about teaching kindergartners sex education ( ). As shocking as this sounds, its true. Sex education in the Chicago public school system will begin as soon as kindergarten. It will also cover sexual orientation and gender identity. Something that has never been openly discussed before.

There is a very good reason that sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex ed is not discussed that young; its called INNOCENCE! Why is it so hard to allow these children to stay as innocent as possible for as long as possible? If I had a child in this school system, I would be outraged!! This does not prepare these children for adulthood, but rather confuse them and ruin their innocence. Children don’t typically think of these topics until it is brought to their attention. Discussing gender identity will only cause confusion and lead them to question something they wouldn’t have normally. Children this young should not be thinking of these topics.

In a more recent article on ( ), it confirms that this has in fact been passed. It also goes on to outline exactly what will be taught at each grade level. Students in kindergarten and first grade will go over anatomy, healthy relationships and personal safety. Thats definitely not playing with barbies and GI Joe.

Students in second and third grade will discuss topics such as growth and development. Doesnt seem so bad however these kids need to focus on learning their basic math skills. At this age children still aren’t worried about this. Fourth graders will learn about physical, social and emotional aspects of puberty, along with HIV transmission. Why would a fourth grader need to learn about puberty and HIV? Neither are an issue at this age. Why are they trying to scare these children?

Fifth grade, which used to be the START for Sex Education, will cover human reproduction, healthy decision-making, bullying and contraception. I think bullying is a great topic to cover, but think that needs to be gone over a little earlier. Human reproduction, maybe the basics, but nothing major. Contraception? These kids are in fifth grade!!

A lot of these topics needs to be saved for middle school health class or parents need to handle it themselves. Opening these topics this early on just increases the likelihood of sexual activity. Which could lead to a rise in teen pregnancies.

Children need to be allowed to be children. Each generation already has to grow up faster than the last, why accelerate it. It was awkward enough when I was in fifth grade and they started sex ed. I can’t even imagine what these poor kids will think in kindergarten. This just disgusts me.

— Tattooed Liberty



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  1. otterlimits
    Apr 09, 2013 @ 08:23:43

    I am glad that the schools in my neck of the woods have not chosen to teach sex education to grade school children. If at some point they would make the decision to do so, I would like to think that they would give parents the option to keep their kids out of school for that time period and if they did not give parents that choice, I would be pulling my kids out pretty darn fast.


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