Should same sex couples be able to Marry?

Marriage is an institution created by God. The Bible defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. For the government to try to force religious institutions to conform to a standard which conflicts with their beliefs is an infringement of their First Amendment.

I have no issue with homosexuals or them wanting legal rights as a “married” couple; that is role that civil unions can play. If the government wants to grant rights to homosexual couples, use civil unions for homosexual couples. But leave religion out of it. If a church does not wish to recognize a homosexual couple for marriage, that is their God-given right.

This is not being hateful or discriminatory in any way. This is about protecting our Bill of Rights and keeping government away from religious practices, where they don’t belong to begin with.

If this offends you, not my problem. I refuse to apologize for my opinions or try keep quiet just to protect anyone’s feelings.


–Tattooed Liberty


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  1. otterlimits
    Apr 22, 2013 @ 09:43:56

    My concern with all of this is that if homosexuals are allowed to get “married” the next step somewhere down the road is that the government will “force” churches to perform ceremonies that they don’t believe in. I have no problem with homosexuals wanting to enter into a contract like a civil union but the government has no business getting involved in the marriage business to begin with. If the government had not gotten involved in marriage in the first place, the country would not be having this argument.


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