Bostonians can take a sigh of relief tonight

Tonight, the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings has been captured, alive. I for one am glad he was captured alive, although he has been injured. Not to say its necessarily a bad thing that he was shot during all this, but I want him to survive. Him being caught is not justice enough for the families who lost loved ones or the 180+ injured survivors who lost limbs and their sense of security.

After all that I have read or heard about these two young men, I can’t help but think that they only did this to gain attention from extremist groups, as an initiation almost. Their bombs, although affective, were sloppy, and the execution of the act, unorganized. Nothing like we have seen in the past from these groups.

What does sadden me, is the suspect who was captured tonight, was a US Citizen. He became a citizen on September 11. How someone like this was able to come to our country and was granted the same rights of a citizen that I or you have is beyond me.

I do hope that these extremist groups will realize that they cannot break us. When things get tough, we band together and focus on the objective at hand. And we will always find you!

–Tattooed Liberty


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