Fighting for civil liberties and winning

Two companies won while fighting for their right to choose. But this choice wasn’t about abortion, instead birth control. Their right to choose to pay for coverage for contraception. Under the Affordable Care Act, all for profit companies would be required to pay for contraceptive coverage for their female employees. While lots of females are all about contraceptive coverage, it violates these religious families rights to choose what’s best for their business.

New York Times: Supreme Court rejects contraceptives mandate for some corporations



Grieving family needs your help

On Saturday morning, May 31st of 2014, my great Grand mother passed away. There is no money to give her a service and transport her to her final resting place next to her beloved husband in Chamois, MO.

I am using all resources I have available to try to raise money to give her the burial she wanted. Please look at the link, donate if you can, and pass it along to all your friends and family.

We appreciate any donation amount. Every little bit gets us closer to our goal.

My Gmaw has been buried thanks to some wonderful private donations to our family. I appreciate all the support from everyone, thank you.

Employers and their mediocre wages

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve written in this blog. I have missed it deeply, so hopefully this will be the first of many posts to come.

I want to begin with the wages issue that’s been blowing up in the media lately. I heard of the nation wide strike of Walmart employees, as well as various other businesses. The main reason was the employees are demanding higher wages.

Now, the employees of businesses that I’ve heard that have, or plan to strike, are jobs (not careers) that any 16 year old teenager could perform (and would gladly do so). These jobs were not intended to be the sole support of a family.

Being an employee of one of these businesses myself, I do understand where they are coming from. I go to school full time and work part time. I have a car payment, car ins, and cell phone bill to pay each and every month, and unlike my take home pay, my bills aren’t getting any smaller. But this is exactly why I went back to school, so I would deserve a higher wage and more secure employment.

Companies are not wanting to hire for full time positions. Why do you ask? Because of benefits, obamacare to be more specific. Companies look at their bottom dollar and will save money wherever they can. If that means only hiring part time employees, they will do just that. If that means eliminating positions and doubling the work load of another for the same pay, they will, and have.

Going on strike with a non union company solves what? Absolutely nothing. They will just hire the various other people who have applied for your job. That’s right, you McDonald’s employee, you are what we call “expendable” and “replaceable.”

I call this the domino effect; Lets say, hypothetically, McDonald’s or Walmart starts to pay their employees ten dollars plus and hour. Well, the company doesn’t want to lose profits so they raise their prices on the goods they sell. Customers aren’t very pleased about this at all and will start to purchase items from a business that hasn’t risen their prices. Ok, so now business has dropped. They can’t afford to pay all their employees, so they have to start laying off workers. So now where are you left? It looks like maybe the higher wages you wanted so badly has now left you standing with no paycheck instead of a mediocre one. Welcome to the unemployment line!!! Welcome to government assistance!! Congratulations. You are an idiot…

So now what? You were a fast food/retail employee who clearly has no skills or experience. Now where do you work? Another fast food/retail chain that may or may not have a higher wage, IF you are lucky enough to find one hiring that is. In this economy, coming across any available positions is scarce at best.

Now I know that there are a lot of college alumni that have found it to be quite challenging gaining employment in their field. Even though this is true, it still pays to have a degree of some kind. If I’m not mistaken, employers pay more an hour if you have a college degree. And depending on what your degree is for, you could be a manager at that fast food or retail chain. Education really is the key.

Now, if taxes weren’t so high that would help as well. Since Obama did not extend the Bush tax cuts, my 60cents more an hour means squat. I currently make 60cents more an hour than I did this time last year. I’m working the same amount of hours and have no additional deductions (other than my 401k that takes 25$ per check). But my checks are over 100$ less than when compared to this time last year. That’s 200$ a month I’m no longer receiving. So between the rising gas prices, rising taxes, and rising cost of food, it’s a miracle anyone can survive.

I hate my job. I love what I do, but hate where I’m doing it at. But you won’t see me out there striking the company that gave me a job. Mediocre or not, I need my paycheck. I feel blessed to even have a job right now. I wish others felt the same.


–Tattooed Liberty

Coping with my miscarriage


While trying to cope with a loss such as a miscarriage, I’m trying to get back to my normal bubbly self. This has been a challenging task so far, but maybe if I write about it I can start to heal.

It began when I had a dream that I was pregnant. I don’t typically have such vivid dreams, so I took it to heart. The next day I got a pregnancy test and it came up positive. Of course I was in shock and disbelief, so over the next three days I took three more tests. All came up positive. This was definitely unexpected because I was not trying to get pregnant.

Three days later, I went to the emergency room for abdominal pains. I was told I had a urinary tract infection (UTI). They gave me a script for Macrobid, an antibiotic to treat the infection. They also had me drink Zithromax and gave me a shot that I was told was to treat in case I had any other infections. The very next day, July fourth, I went to work as normal. The last 15 minutes of my shift I went to use the restroom. I was having abdominal pains all day, but assumed it was no big deal and was related to the UTI. As I was finishing up in the restroom I saw some blood. This definitely scared me. I immediately left work, called my mom, and she took me to the emergency room.

They ran some blood and urine tests. They found that my hormone levels had dropped from 115 (July third) to 74 (July fourth), not even 24 hours had passed since they tested it last. I was diagnosed with Threatened Miscarriage, was given a script for Percocet, and sent home. I was devastated. I went home and immediately started researching threatened miscarriage. I found that a lot of woman who had the same diagnosis went on to have perfectly healthy babies. I prayed a lot over the next few days and tried to stay calm. I was desperately trying to stay optimistic. My abdominal pains were no longer present over the weekend, but I still had a brown discharge, no blood though. I was feeling good. I did research in the discharge, found its normal for some to experience this during the first trimester, so I was not concerned.

On that following Monday, July eighth, I started having bad abdominal pains again. I waited all day to see if they got worse before I went to the emergency room again. By eight o’clock I couldn’t take it any longer so I finally went in. The nurse must have thought I was a pill seeker because she kept asking me what I expected them to do for me that day since I was just there the previous Thursday and had received a script for pain medication, which I never filled because the pains went away. I was somewhat offended because she had to have looked at my file and knew the diagnosis from my previous visit.

The doctor on call that evening came in and asked me some questions, ordered more blood work and a urine test to be done, as well as a pelvic exam. The blood work reviled my levels had dropped again. I do not know by how much, but it must have been pretty low. A different doctor came in and told be the news, I was in the process of miscarrying. I was heart broken, all I could do was cry. I don’t even know what he said after that, all I heard was “miscarriage.” My heart just sank. After a few moments, he left and the first doctor came back. He knew what I was told and knew I was upset. He then performed the pelvic exam, I just laid there, numb. All I wanted to do was go home and cuddle with my dog. I didn’t want to speak to anyone, just be alone.

At this point there was still no bleeding. I had researched miscarriages before this visit and knew that during a miscarriage there is a lot of bleeding and terrible pains. So I had a good idea of what to expect. I got my pain meds filled and went to the father of my baby’s house. I wanted to be alone, but part of me felt it was a better idea to be around someone at that moment. We went to get something to eat so I could take a pain pill, hung out for a bit and went to bed. He was wonderful, we talked about it briefly and he held me all night. It was exactly what I needed. The next day was terrible. The pains were real strong and the bleeding was terrible. It’s a pain that I have never experienced before, and wish to never experience again. All I wanted to do was cry from the emotional and physical pains.

I have heard of woman who have gone through miscarriages and dealt with the grief, but you never truly know the pain unless you are unfortunate enough to experience it first hand. I’ve been taking the pain meds as instructed for the pain. I have to take at least one a day. Now the physical pain is nonexistent, nothing that wouldn’t be tolerable. On a pain scale, it’s a one or two. But I must admit, I’m still taking the pain meds. The emotional pain is far worse than the physical. I still take the Percocet, but now it’s to numb the emotional pain I feel. Even though this was an unexpected, unplanned pregnancy, I had already begun getting excited and anxious to hold my baby. As silly as it might be, at five weeks pregnant, I was already thinking of names. I’ve had my baby name if it was a girl since I was a teenager (I’ve always wanted babies), but was trying to figure out what I would name it if it was a boy. The father is half Korean, so I was looking for a name that would be connected to that aspect. I looked for the Korean translation for “miracle” because that’s what this baby was to me, a miracle. For so long I was under the impression that I would never be able to experience being pregnant due to a medical condition.

At first I was not excited that I was pregnant, but as the days passed by my excitement grew. I was happy to be having a baby. Even though it was unplanned and forced me to change my future plans (going away to a university for my BA in political science and attending cosmetology school in January), I was willing to make those sacrifices. I had also thought about how I’m not in a relationship or married, but my mind was at ease almost immediately because the father is someone I’ve been friends with for twelve years. I was glad that my unplanned pregnancy was with someone I care for deeply and trust.

Now I find myself, post miscarriage, depressed, taking pain meds to numb myself so I’m not locking myself in my bedroom crying all day. I have so many people in my life who care for me and are here for me whenever I need. But all I want to do is cry. I’ve tried to get back to my old routine; hanging out with my friends, follow current political events, etc, but nothing seems to work. I just want to feel like my old self again. I felt like I was on-top of the world. I was finally going to school for something I’m passionate about, meeting great people all the time, writing my blog, and just being around the new positive friends in my life. Now, the feelings I’m having are almost indescribable. I don’t bother putting in my contacts anymore or doing my makeup and I seem to never dress up anymore. My heels probably are feeling neglected after being in their box in my closet for the last two weeks.

I just want to be back to my old self again.

Everything happens for a reason, even if we never discover that reason. I do believe there is a plan for me, I just hope it doesn’t include anymore heartbreak like this.


–Tattooed Liberty

Nik Wallenda walks across gorge near Grand Canyon on a tight rope and praises Jesus with each step

Tonight, Nik Wallenda, a tight rope performer, has successfully walked across a gorge near the Grand Canyon. What makes this daring event even more amazing, is Wallenda praises Jesus with each step he takes.

Wallenda’s journey took place 1,500 feet above the Navajo Nation, ten miles away from the Grand Canyon. His wife, children, parents, and countless others watched in amazement as he completed this daring “stunt”.

During this tight rope walk, Wallenda had no net, no harness, no safety device whatsoever. Just him, the cable, and the canyon below. During his 22 minute walk across, he knelt down twice to help stabilize himself and calm down the wire. Towards the last few feet, Wallenda sprinted the remaining way. His father “just take it slow”, Nik had an agreeing response then sprinted.

Wallenda says he would like his next right rope adventure to be between two sky scrapers in New York.

Good luck Nik!

Nik Wallenda tight rope walk

–Tattooed Liberty

Question of the day: Hair stylists; licensed or not?

Would you allow an unlicensed stylist to style your hair? This would include; perms, color, cuts, styling, relaxers, etc. Please post your comments below.


–Tattooed Liberty

Thought of the day

If you know something is a losing battle, should you continue to fight, or simply move on?


–Tattooed Liberty

News Station Shows Bias By Terminating Longtime Anchor

Respected news anchor of 50 years (38 spent here in St. Louis) has been terminated by less respected news station. Larry Conners, formally of KMOV channel 4, has been terminated for asking unbiased questions to the President, Barrack Obama, in April 2012. In addition to these hard hitting, unbiased questions, he came out and spoke of the IRS who has been targeting Tea Party organizations. Not only did the IRS target Tea Party orgs, but also targeted Conners post his 2012 interview with the president.

In addition to Conners being terminated for showing unbiasedness and coming out about the IRS, kmov has been linked to the Obama administration via belo-corp. It is not surprising that an unbiased news anchor was terminated from a news station that is obviously in cahoots with the Obama administration, that is notorious for trying to cover their scandals.

I’m sure everyone is aware of the “submit a story” option on KMOV4’s app. This article has been submitted on their app. 🙂


–Tattooed Liberty

Oklahoma Death Toll after May 20th Tornado; Lowered

According to The Medical Examiners Office, the death toll in Oklahoma after the devastating May 20th tornado has DROPPED, not risen. It is believed that some were counted twice during the chaos following the destruction. Originally it was at 51, including 20 children. Just updated about 10 minutes ago (10:20am), the death toll is at 24 people, including 7 children.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those families and all of Moore, Oklahoma during this difficult time.

Volunteers and donations are still deeply needed. Information can be found on the Dana Show page. Any help is greatly appreciated.

–Tattooed Liberty

H/T @1776CommonSense

National Tea Party Rallies Today at IRS Offices

Today at noon, National Tea Party rallies at the IRS Offices. Here is where you can find the info. Hope all my readers will join in the efforts.

–Tattooed Liberty

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