Kermit Gosnell and his House of Horrors: The Verdict

After the jury deliberated for 10 days, they came to a verdict of guilty in regards to Kermit Gosnell who stood trial for murder. Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortion physician, was charged with over 258 counts of murder. He was convicted on three of four counts of first degree murder today (May 13, 2013).

These charges make him eligible for the death penalty, and rightfully so. Gosnell was delivering live babies at 24+ weeks and using scissors to “ensure fetal demis”. In addition to the three first degree murder charges, he also faces 25 counts of performing third trimester abortions, which is illegal, big DUH there. He also faces 227 counts of failing to counsel these women 24hours prior to their procedure, according to an article at The Blaze.

According the Associated Press, Gosnell was also charged with racketeering, infanticide, and violating Pennsylvania abortion law by performing late term abortions and failing to counsel women 24 hours before their procedure.

I find it ironic that his “clinic” and foul practices were discovered only when he was served with an arrest warrant by the DEA on charges of prescription drug fraud. It was this chance turn of events that got him caught. I can’t help but think how much longer it would have continued had he not been caught in another illegal activity. Kinda makes you think, how are other clinics practicing that we aren’t even aware of?

Even Gosnell’s wife was performing abortions! She’s just a cosmetologist, not a nurse or physician. Four of his former employees have pleaded guilty to murder plus four other charges, according to an article from Fox News.

In addition to all the infants Gosnell murdered in his clinic, he is also responsible for the death a woman who had just had an abortion. His negligence and over medicating her during the procedure is attributed to her death.

It’s a good day when a murderer is found guilty. I am thankful that he won’t be harming anymore women and children in his “house if horrors”. It is, however, unfortunate, that instead of using this case as a precedent for other clinics, they will instead say it is an exception. The Gosnell clinic is the rule, not the exception. If all abortion clinics around the United States could be investigated, this could be found more often than anyone would want to accept. It is so sad this sort of barbaric procedure is occurring in such an advanced country.


–Tattooed Liberty


Planned Parenthood Statistics

92% of pregnant women who go to Planned Parenthood, ended up utilizing their abortion services. During the 2011-12 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood recieved 542 million dollars in taxpayer funding, which accounts for over 45 percent of their revenue.

Total number of abortions that Planned Parenthood has performed over the last three reporting years (2009, 10, 11)-995,687. During this same period they have reported excess revenue of 87.4 million dollars and nearly 1.2 billion in total assets. They reached a new record in abortions performed in 2011…333,964.

All these stats can be attributed to their own annual report. Nationwide they referred only 841 women to adoption agencies during their last reporting year.

Planned Parenthood statistics as noted above


–Tattooed Liberty

Sad turn of events:Kermit Gosnell Trial

Gosnell has been acquitted of four out of the eight charges of infanticide.

The more we learn about what he did, the more disturbing it becomes.

Startling Ruling in Kermit Gosnell Trial

–Tattooed Liberty

More on Kermit Gosnell

I hope this man gets what he’s been giving these poor children. He is truly sick.

–Tattooed Liberty

Kermit Gosnell; Too disturbing not to post

I felt this link needed to be shared with my readers. What is said here is so disturbing that it needs to be shared with as many people as possible. This man is a murderer in every sense of the word. He deserves the death penalty. These poor defenseless children deserve justice!

–Tattooed Liberty

A license to murder: Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Here is some information I have found circulating twitter. I hope it can be shared and viewed by as many people as possible, so pease pass this along.

This is an eye opening case. Please at least look at the images and memorize what you see, base any decision on being pro life or pro choice on what you see here.

I can’t imagine even the most pro choice individuals not having the opinion that this is murder. In an earlier post I had said that I have an internal conflict, pro life or pro choice. No matter the side I more favor, there is no way late term abortions or post birth abortions could be considered anything other than murder.

Warning, some of the images are a bit graphic.

Report of the Grand Jury: Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, video

–Tattooed Liberty

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life: My personal conflict

This topic has been on my mind a lot lately.

I have always been a very openly Pro-Choice conservative. I have never considered myself “Pro-Abortion”, however. Most recently though, I have been conflicted on my views on this topic. At this point in my life I would never personally opt for an abortion. Although I can’t really say “never”. I think that once you are actually in that situation, then you would be able to say yes or no.

A close friend of mine recently shared with me his own story. He is, and from what I understand, always has been Pro-Life. While his mother was pregnant with him, her doctors preformed the amniotic tests, which are typically performed. The test came back stating that her child would have down syndrome. I do not know if she was offered the option to abort the pregnancy, but  she did not go that route and she had a healthy baby boy who is very intelligent and a productive member of society today. He went to college, got a Doctorate, and has a great career.

 Since hearing his story, I began questioning my beliefs. Then I began to think back and I remembered that a girl that I went to highschool with had a similar situation. Her doctor did offer the option to abort. She walked right out of that doctor’s office and she has a healthy baby boy who is now thee years old. It is obvious that these tests aren’t exactly something to base a very serious decision on. A decision that you cannot take back.

It’s no wonder im so conflicted these days. I always said that if I was told that my child would be born with a birth defect, I would abort. My oldest brother, who we believe is mildly autistic, has not had an easy life. I would not want to put my child through all that. But than I think, who am I to decide? I should not be trying to play God. Everything happens for a reason, we may not always know the reason, but there is always a reason.

I do still partially believe that a mother should have that choice. But only under certain circumstances, such as severe birth defects or endangerment to the mother. I did have rape or incest in that list of exceptions but those aren’t as typical as they once were thanks to “Plan B”. I suppose the only reason for abortion should be medical reasons. Even than its iffy.

No matter what the outcome on abortion, I do think that it should not be accessible like it is now. You should NOT be able to go to your local Planned Parenthood and get one whenever you want, however often as you want. Abortion is NOT a form of birth control, even though some seem to think that it is. I know that Marilyn Monroe had at least a dozen abortions in her lifetime, but that doesn’t make it right. I’m sure she had her reasons for getting that many. She was a movie star and im sure that she was pressured into it by the studio she was working for at the time. In those days an actresses career was pretty much over if they became pregnant. But that was then, this is now.

In my opinion, if you are old enough to engage in sexual acts, you are old enough to accept the outcome of those acts. Whether it be an unplanned pregnancy, or an STD, but we will talk about that at a different time. If you are not able to support a child, there are other options, such as adoption. If you aren’t already pregnant, abstaining from sex is the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

It just seems so senseless to abort a pregnancy just because you don’t want to deal with it. That has always been my opinion, but now even aborting it based on the amniotic test seems just as senseless.


–Tattooed Liberty



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