Gun Control: The Liberal Logic

Typically I don’t do this, but things have just gone to far. While listening to the Dana Loesch show today on 97.1FM, she was discussing the Second Amendment and those who are against it. Loesch shared with her listeners the many death threats, specifically by guns, by those very people who are for banning guns. This makes zero sense. For people who are so dead set against firearms and large capacity magazines they sure are threatening to use them in a very violent manner.

Now, I certainly hope these threats are something that none of these people would ever act on. However, they are not getting their points across by threatening bodily harm to someone. The logic of the majority Left is baffling to me. To tell someone, a stranger nonetheless, that you “wish she would get shot in the stomach while pregnant” is absolutely a disgusting statement. For others to wish her child become the type of person that Adam Lanza was (shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary; Newtown, Connecticut) and “shoot her in her bed” is again, disgusting. To wish and hope for more public shootings and death upon someone else just because you don’t agree with them is absolutely appalling to me. Its reasons like this that make me weep for the future of this Country.

How could anyone sit there and wish such tragedy upon anyone else? And to do so in such a way that contradicts even their own point.

I guess I’m one of those “mother f*ckers” who likes “dead children” because I’m for the Second Amendment. Although, I’m not the one threatening someone elses life or wishing harm upon them. I think Jim Carrey had it backwards, apparently it’s those who are for banning guns that want more dead children and more gun violence.

I will use the Sandy Hook shooting as an example, as Dana Loesch did so eloquently in her show today. Adam Lanza had to reload his weapon four times during his shooting spree. He also did not stop until a “good guy” with a gun showed up. So how does it make any sense to disarm “good guys”? It is a fact that cities with stricter gun control laws have a higher rate for HOMICIDE by GUNS. This does NOT include suicide or self defense. This is based on HOMICIDES alone.

So wouldn’t it make more sense to encourage citizens to keep a firearm in their homes? On their person? In their purses? Wouldnt it make more sense to let the “bad guys” know that they aren’t going to win? That no matter what we the people are going to protect ourselves?

The left is all for being Pro-Choice, unless it has anything to do with; smoking, drinking large sodas, honoring God, using a non “eco-friendly” light bulb, or owning a gun. You better believe you can get an abortion though! You can murder an unborn child but aren’t allowed to protect the ones that are already in this world. Oh Liberal logic, you kill me.

–Tattooed Liberty



Stricter Gun Control Laws: Does it really make us “safer”?

According to the article from July 2012 by Ezra Klein, entitled “Six facts about guns, violence, and gun control”( ) , it states that “states with stricter gun control laws have fewer deaths from gun-related violence”. While the logic of this might make sense, it is not true. The school and other public shootings that have taken place have caused an uproar in wanting stricter gun control laws, but look at WHERE these shootings are taking place; in a gun prohibited building where the shooter only stops by either commiting suicide or when someone with a gun shows up. Essentially these people purposely choose locations where they know they won’t the be stopped right away. Wouldn’t it make more sense to arm the people in the building and allow firearms on the premises?

I have read about possibly allowing teachers to carry or keep firearms in their classrooms. I think this is a wonderful idea. The reason I feel this is a wonderful idea is if another school shooting takes place, the teachers and staff in the school will be able to act accordingly and save not only their own lives but the lives of their students. For example, the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Maryrose Kristopik, a teacher at Sandy Hook, heard what was going on and acted quickly by hiding all 20 of her students in a closet. When the gun man came to her room, she informed the shooter, Adam Lanza, that her kids were at gym and not there. Unfortunately she was shot and killed. Had she had a gun, she could have hidden her kids, gotten her gun and taken him out herself. Saving not only her own life, but who knows how many after her.

One of the biggest arguments that I keep hearing as to why teachers should not have guns is “what if a student get a hold of it?” Well, that’s easy, for the teachers to be able to have this firearm, they must practice gun safety. Which means, the firearm must stay unloaded, in a locked drawer that he/she has the key for. In addition, they must go through a CCW training course and practice regularly at a shooting range.

Another argument for against teachers having guns, “what if the teacher goes crazy and shoots everyone?”. This is highly unlikely. There have been no reports of teachers going crazy at a school, going to shoot up a school, or wanting to shoot up a school. The typical shooter is male, mid-late teens/early twenties, and very disturbed. So it does not makes sense to ban something just because a few crazies misuse it.

If you look at where the shooters got these firearms it makes even less sense. They did not legally obtain them. So how would banning them make a difference? The only effect this will have is on the average civilian, who wants to protect themselves and their family.

We can compare banning guns to banning drugs. Criminals are still able to acquire drugs or even make them. Making them illegal does not make people want to stop doing them. Just like banning or having stricter gun laws does not keep someone from stealing a firearm and using it to commit a crime. Stricter gun laws does NOT make us safer, in fact it makes us more vulnerable.

–Tattooed Liberty





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