More on Common Core State Standards: HB 616 and SB 210

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HB 616

SB 210


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Welcome to Tattooed Liberty

Welcome to Tattooed Liberty!!

In this blog I will be talking about all things politics. But first, here is a little about me; I am 25 years old, I attend St. Charles Community College with a double major in Political Science and Journalism. I am not an official member of any organizations, just yet. But I do follow them and keep up on the events and attend when I can.

My start in politics is probably pretty typical. I was a young “kid” who did not care about politics because it did not “affect me”. Or so I thought. What really sparked my interest was when I met a very energetic, optimistic man who was running for Congress in Missouri’s 1st congressional district. The more I was around him and his team, the more I picked up on things. I would ask questions when I could or just research it myself. The more questions I asked and research I did, the more it hit me that I can’t just sit back and watch any longer. I had, and still do, a huge desire to  make a difference.

During the 2012 debates, as I watched attentively, I knew that to make the difference I felt I needed to make; I had to go back to school. Thats when I went up to the community college, took the assessment and registered for classes. I started in the spring semester of 2013 and I’ve loved it ever since.

Every day I discover new things and I cannot wait for the next discovery. When I’m not at school, work, or working on homework or studying, I’m researching politics.

Thats pretty much me in a nut shell. I will be updating my blog as frequently as I can. It may be once a week or multiple times a day. So make sure you keep an eye on it. If you like my blog, pass it around to your friends and organizations.

I look forward to whats to come and I hope you find my blog informative. You can also follow me on twitter: TattooedLiberty

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