Open Minds: According to the Left

There is no such thing as a closed minded homosexual, according to a closed minded homosexual.

In the world you will encounter many different kinds if people. Not every one of them will agree with your opinion. This is a very good thing, keeps things interesting. The important thing to remember, however, is that just because someone does not agree with you, this does not warrant anyone to talk down to you.

About a week ago I posted a photo meme on my Facebook account. It read “It’s to bad our first black president is also out worst”. I posted this with my own headline that read “Race has zero to do with it, he is just a bad president”.

Because I posted this particular meme, a homosexual guy on my friends list proceeded to call me a racist because I posted that and because I don’t agree with Obama’s policies. This would include his stand on abortion, same sex marriage, and gun control. If you are a regular reader of my blog, than you are well aware of my stand on these issues. If you aren’t, I encourage you to read my other posts.

He proceeded to try to argue with me on my own post as to why he was right and I wrong. He through out incorrect statistics on the percentage of Americans who approve of same sex marriage. Also why more gun legislation is needed. I suppose he felt he was losing in his argument because he then tried to divert the topic from gay marriage and Christianity to tattoos/piercings and Christianity. As most of you know, I’m a tattooed Christian conservative, and proud of it.

He tried using the bible against me. Yes, a non religious liberal tried to use the bible against me. He brought up Leviticus 19:28 which says “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.” I decided to look deeper into this verse and discovered this is in regards to Pagan markings. A Christian will not get pagan markings upon their skin. None of my tattoos are anti Christian or of pagan nature, so this was irrelevant to the discussion.

Those who do not have a strong argument will always try to change the topic, insult, resort to name calling, and/or use incorrect or made up statistic to try to support their claims. What they don’t seem to grasp is that not everyone believes everything they hear and will do actual research, which is what I’ve done. It seems that the truth angered this person even more than my personal opinion did.

What’s really sad is that if he had just “listened” to what I was saying and opened his mind, he would have discovered that he and I aren’t much different. That my views on same sex marriage isn’t hatred or a personal attack towards him but me wanting to protect the First Amendment. Same with my views on gun control, the Second Amendment. Also my views on abortion, to protect unborn children and women from monsters like Kermit Gosnell.


–Tattooed Liberty


Should same sex couples be able to Marry?

Marriage is an institution created by God. The Bible defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. For the government to try to force religious institutions to conform to a standard which conflicts with their beliefs is an infringement of their First Amendment.

I have no issue with homosexuals or them wanting legal rights as a “married” couple; that is role that civil unions can play. If the government wants to grant rights to homosexual couples, use civil unions for homosexual couples. But leave religion out of it. If a church does not wish to recognize a homosexual couple for marriage, that is their God-given right.

This is not being hateful or discriminatory in any way. This is about protecting our Bill of Rights and keeping government away from religious practices, where they don’t belong to begin with.

If this offends you, not my problem. I refuse to apologize for my opinions or try keep quiet just to protect anyone’s feelings.


–Tattooed Liberty


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