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If you know something is a losing battle, should you continue to fight, or simply move on?


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Small but HUGE victory for Missouri in regards to Common Core

Small victory today, SB 210 was passed by the Missouri House with a vote of 123 to 28.

SB 210 requires DESE to hold a meeting with each of the eight Missouri Congressional districts before common core curriculum can be implemented in the state of Missouri.

Missouri Senate SB 210


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Common Core State Standards: Bad for Everyone

Common Core State Standards: Bad for Everyone


Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is an across the board education curriculum for all students K-12 regardless of individual students’ learning abilities or level. CCSS is said to benefit school children by preparing them for the workforce. Others say it puts too much emphasis on test taking and not enough on actual learning. By the time students graduate high school, they will only have a seventh grade reading level. Common Core State Standards is not a program that is advancing the students, but holding them back academically (Stop Common Core).

Common Core State Standards have been implemented in 45 states. The other five have opted out of the across the board program and others that have already implemented it are trying to repeal it, Missouri being one of those states. As of right now, CCSS has only been implemented in English, Language Arts, and Mathematics, but soon it will be implemented in History. These standards are only being implemented in the public school system; however it will soon be implemented in private schools as well as homeschooling curriculums. Parents will than have zero say as to how their child’s education gets carried out. According to homeschooling advocate Lisa Payne-Naeger, CCSS is an “assault on parental rights.”

According to Common Core State Standards Initiative:
The standards clearly communicate what is expected of students at each grade level. This will allow our teachers to be better equipped to know exactly what they need to help students learn and establish individualized benchmarks for them. The Common Core State Standards focus on core conceptual understandings and procedures starting in the early grades, thus enabling teachers to take the time needed to teach core concepts and procedures well—and to give students the opportunity to master them (CCSS Initiative).

These standards are said to be rigorous, state-led, voluntary, and designed to make the students college and career ready (Stop Common Core). However, CCSS does the opposite. It emphasizes too much on assessment testing and data mining and not enough on actually educating. The question has become “how does all this assessment testing equal educating?” it doesn’t.

CCSS is a violation of the Tenth Amendment, which says “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people (Revolutionary War and Beyond).” CCSS comes from the federal government, not the states. It is being forced upon states using grant money as a bribe to indoctrinate the children.
In addition to the data mining, the cost of implementing CCSS is outrageous. It will cost Missouri three million dollars to implement CCSS. The federal government will pay for the initial implementation of this new curriculum, but what happens when those funds are used and states still need funding for this new mandatory education curriculum? The states will turn to higher taxes. Not only is the people’s tax money going toward the implementation of CCSS but the states will then raise taxes on its people just to keep it funded. It is another drain on the economy.
According to Common Core State Standards Initiative;

The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy (CCSS Initiative).

Which translates to, the government will now, more than ever, control more children’s education and the parents of these children will have zero say in how their children are taught. If the parents wish to pull their kids from the public school system and place them in private school or homeschooling, they will have to endure the CCSS regardless.

CCSS will not offer special accommodations to students who may suffer from learning disabilities such as dyslexia. On the other extreme, it will also not offer special accommodations for children who learn at a faster rate than other students. There will no longer be an option to advance the curriculum, or slow it down for that matter, based on the individual child. More students will be failing or dropping out of school than ever before. The ones who learn at a slower pace or who have learning disabilities will no longer be helped by the teachers, will get frustrated and just stop going all together. The students who learn faster than others will get bored and stop trying because they are already beyond what is being taught. It is no longer challenging and they will to stop going.

In addition to the “rigorous” new standards that are being put in place, they also have aligned the ACT test with CCSS (Focus on Learning). This will ensure that educators are teaching for these tests and not for what the students should be learning. They are also doing data mining. Similar to what is happening with the Department of Revenue (DOR) and Conceal and Carry Weapons permits, they will take information form the students, personal information, and use it however they want, show it to whoever they want. These questions will ask about information from the moment these children were born. Questions like birth weight, any medications, counseling they may have received. These questions will be following them all throughout their lives.

A way to fight the CCSS implementation and repeal there is a petition that each person should take the time to sign to help keep this from going further. In addition to this petition, it is a good idea for people to call representatives and get their voices heard on this topic. Currently in the Missouri General Assembly there are two bills in the House and Senate respectively combating CCSS, House Bill 616 and Senate Bill 210.
Senate Bill 210, which is sponsored by John Lamping (R-MO) and co-sponsored by Brian Nieves (R-MO), states “the state board of education and the department of elementary and secondary education shall not implement the Common Core State Standards developed by the Common Core Standards Initiative (Missouri Senate). Senate Bill 210 further calls for public meetings in all eight congressional districts prior to implementation of CCSS.
In addition to the Senate Bill, there is a House Bill. House Bill 616, which is sponsored by Kurt Bahr (R-MO) and co-sponsored by Speaker of the House Tim Jones (R-MO), which “Prohibits the State Board of Education from adopting and implementing the standards for public schools developed by the Common Core Standards Initiative (Missouri House of Representatives).”

It is forced curriculums like these that are making our country fall behind in academics, which is also causing jobs to go overseas. America has turned into a lazy, dumb country that depends too much on the government.


–Tattooed Liberty

Common Core: Stop Eroding States and Parental Rights

Focus on Learning Center

Indoctrination and Data Mining in Common Core: Here’s why America’s Schools may be in more trouble than you think

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Missouri House of Representatives: HB 616

Missouri Senate: SB 210

The 10th Amendment

Common Core State Standards

On Monday, April 22nd, I attended my first meeting on Common Core. I had heard the term common core frequently on Facebook and twitter but had yet to find out what it was. So a good friend invited me to the meeting for this past Monday night.

I found it to be very informative and eye opening. I do not have children of my own just yet, but I will at some point in my future I’m sure, and I do not want my future children to be held back due to this common core standards that is being put into place.

In a nut shell; Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a government set curriculum that will essentially hold back every student about two years. It is being implemented currently k-12, and there is talks of it going to the college level. Well, that might be best. If students are two years behind already, why set them up for failure when they get to college. It was also said that CCSS will also be implemented in homeschooling curriculums. Unbelievable.

This is absolute bull honky. Why is it being required to dumb down our children? I heard so much about how we as a country is behind academically already, this will only make it worse.

I have included some links below, I encourage everyone to take the time to read it. Even if you do not have children currently, in the future (if you choose to), it will affect you.

Missouri Coalition Against Common Core

Missouri Education Watchdog


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My Newest Mission

After I was finished writing an outline for a paper I’m writing, I went on my schools website and did a little curiosity looking. I checked to see if my Mid-term grades were posted yet, no, then checked my school email and the syllabus’ for my classes. After checking all that, I decided to look into the clubs that are offered at my campus. One club did catch my eye, Young Democrats. This is not the shocking part. It was a good chance that a club like this existed at my school. However, what I find shocking is there isn’t a Young Republicans club.

Maybe its just me, but it seems that in order for anyone to make an educated decision on which side (or no side for that matter) to be on, than all aspects need to be explored. So wouldn’t it be best to have a Young Democrat AND Young Republicans club offered on campus?

Well this is my new mission, to get a better balance, education, and options. In order to do this, there needs to be a counter part to the already existing Young Democrats club. I have already emailed someone who I met at Lincoln Days 2013 in St. Louis who is with the College Republican National committee, Young Republicans of St. Louis, and the club coordinator at my school about starting a club. I will most definitely keep my blog updated with how its going.

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Sex Education for Kindergartners

In a shocking discovery I came across an article on talking about teaching kindergartners sex education ( ). As shocking as this sounds, its true. Sex education in the Chicago public school system will begin as soon as kindergarten. It will also cover sexual orientation and gender identity. Something that has never been openly discussed before.

There is a very good reason that sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex ed is not discussed that young; its called INNOCENCE! Why is it so hard to allow these children to stay as innocent as possible for as long as possible? If I had a child in this school system, I would be outraged!! This does not prepare these children for adulthood, but rather confuse them and ruin their innocence. Children don’t typically think of these topics until it is brought to their attention. Discussing gender identity will only cause confusion and lead them to question something they wouldn’t have normally. Children this young should not be thinking of these topics.

In a more recent article on ( ), it confirms that this has in fact been passed. It also goes on to outline exactly what will be taught at each grade level. Students in kindergarten and first grade will go over anatomy, healthy relationships and personal safety. Thats definitely not playing with barbies and GI Joe.

Students in second and third grade will discuss topics such as growth and development. Doesnt seem so bad however these kids need to focus on learning their basic math skills. At this age children still aren’t worried about this. Fourth graders will learn about physical, social and emotional aspects of puberty, along with HIV transmission. Why would a fourth grader need to learn about puberty and HIV? Neither are an issue at this age. Why are they trying to scare these children?

Fifth grade, which used to be the START for Sex Education, will cover human reproduction, healthy decision-making, bullying and contraception. I think bullying is a great topic to cover, but think that needs to be gone over a little earlier. Human reproduction, maybe the basics, but nothing major. Contraception? These kids are in fifth grade!!

A lot of these topics needs to be saved for middle school health class or parents need to handle it themselves. Opening these topics this early on just increases the likelihood of sexual activity. Which could lead to a rise in teen pregnancies.

Children need to be allowed to be children. Each generation already has to grow up faster than the last, why accelerate it. It was awkward enough when I was in fifth grade and they started sex ed. I can’t even imagine what these poor kids will think in kindergarten. This just disgusts me.

— Tattooed Liberty



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