Fighting for civil liberties and winning

Two companies won while fighting for their right to choose. But this choice wasn’t about abortion, instead birth control. Their right to choose to pay for coverage for contraception. Under the Affordable Care Act, all for profit companies would be required to pay for contraceptive coverage for their female employees. While lots of females are all about contraceptive coverage, it violates these religious families rights to choose what’s best for their business.

New York Times: Supreme Court rejects contraceptives mandate for some corporations



Question of the day: Hair stylists; licensed or not?

Would you allow an unlicensed stylist to style your hair? This would include; perms, color, cuts, styling, relaxers, etc. Please post your comments below.


–Tattooed Liberty

Up and Coming Business Alert: Blissfully Deranged Makeup


Normally I stick to just political posts on here, but I feel it’s also important to support small businesses. After all, they DID build that. My small business shout out goes to Aimee Kelch, owner and operator of Blissfully Deranged Makeup (!/BlissfullyDerangedMakeup).

She, her husband Seth, and their son, have recently relocated back to the St. Louis area from California, where Seth was stationed in the United States Marine Corps.

Aimee makes her own shades of eye shadow and lip products using pigments.  She is a very talented makeup artist who creates amazing shades of products. I see big things on the horizon for this young entrepreneur.

Check out and like her facebook page!/BlissfullyDerangedMakeup. You can also follow her page on twitter @AimeeKelch.

–Tattooed Liberty


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