News Station Shows Bias By Terminating Longtime Anchor

Respected news anchor of 50 years (38 spent here in St. Louis) has been terminated by less respected news station. Larry Conners, formally of KMOV channel 4, has been terminated for asking unbiased questions to the President, Barrack Obama, in April 2012. In addition to these hard hitting, unbiased questions, he came out and spoke of the IRS who has been targeting Tea Party organizations. Not only did the IRS target Tea Party orgs, but also targeted Conners post his 2012 interview with the president.

In addition to Conners being terminated for showing unbiasedness and coming out about the IRS, kmov has been linked to the Obama administration via belo-corp. It is not surprising that an unbiased news anchor was terminated from a news station that is obviously in cahoots with the Obama administration, that is notorious for trying to cover their scandals.

I’m sure everyone is aware of the “submit a story” option on KMOV4’s app. This article has been submitted on their app. 🙂


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My First Time in Jeff City

My day started at 5am to get ready and load up the car for a proper road trip; one that has lots of meaning. Today was the first time I had ever been to Jeff City. Which may sound a bit surprising considering schools take field trips there; mine never did however. I went to attend the Americans for Prosperity Spending Break and St. Charles Pachyderms Legislative Day.

From my house this is a two-hour drive. I love road trips so obviously that wasnt an issue by any means. Upon arriving in Jefferson City, I was able to quickly find a parking place close to the capital. I snapped a few pictures outside and headed in. Immediately we met some familiar faces and was greeted with nothing but smiles.

Took a little tour of the building and at 10am went into the room where the Pachyderms were meeting. This was the first time I had ever attended a Pachyderms meeting and was again welcomed with nothing but smiles. After the initial meet and greets, my colleague and I took a longer tour of the building. I was amazed at how beautiful it is in there. I felt welcome and at ease the entire time, the atmosphere is anything but intimidating.

By 10:30 we headed to our next meeting; The AFP Spending Break . This is where I saw most of the familiar faces of people I’ve either met before or currently followed on twitter. There were a lot of great speakers; Speaker Tim Jones, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder,  and Dan Brown to name a few. I was fortune enough to meet Peter Kinder and was able to give him my card, which was pretty epic.

A few topics that were discussed included Right to Work, Paycheck Protection, and the issue scanning and sharing Driver’s License applicants birth certificates and other personal information. Peter Kinder says it “raises serious privacy” concerns. Which I agree. There is no reason for our personal information to be out there like that.

After the AFP meeting ended, we walked around the capital where I met some really amazing people, such as Rep Bryan Spencer, Wentzville. At two o’clock we headed to the Legislature Gallery where I was fortunate enough to watch Speaker Tim Jones in action. Following that, we headed over to the Senate Gallery, which was also an amazing experience. Being able to witness bills being passed and seeing the process in those rooms was in itself, worth the drive.

I cannot wait until I get to go back. As of right now, that will be April 15, 2013. Hopefully I will get there sooner though. Have you ever felt like you just belong somewhere? That’s how I feel when I’m there.

–Tattooed Liberty



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