Employers and their mediocre wages

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve written in this blog. I have missed it deeply, so hopefully this will be the first of many posts to come.

I want to begin with the wages issue that’s been blowing up in the media lately. I heard of the nation wide strike of Walmart employees, as well as various other businesses. The main reason was the employees are demanding higher wages.

Now, the employees of businesses that I’ve heard that have, or plan to strike, are jobs (not careers) that any 16 year old teenager could perform (and would gladly do so). These jobs were not intended to be the sole support of a family.

Being an employee of one of these businesses myself, I do understand where they are coming from. I go to school full time and work part time. I have a car payment, car ins, and cell phone bill to pay each and every month, and unlike my take home pay, my bills aren’t getting any smaller. But this is exactly why I went back to school, so I would deserve a higher wage and more secure employment.

Companies are not wanting to hire for full time positions. Why do you ask? Because of benefits, obamacare to be more specific. Companies look at their bottom dollar and will save money wherever they can. If that means only hiring part time employees, they will do just that. If that means eliminating positions and doubling the work load of another for the same pay, they will, and have.

Going on strike with a non union company solves what? Absolutely nothing. They will just hire the various other people who have applied for your job. That’s right, you McDonald’s employee, you are what we call “expendable” and “replaceable.”

I call this the domino effect; Lets say, hypothetically, McDonald’s or Walmart starts to pay their employees ten dollars plus and hour. Well, the company doesn’t want to lose profits so they raise their prices on the goods they sell. Customers aren’t very pleased about this at all and will start to purchase items from a business that hasn’t risen their prices. Ok, so now business has dropped. They can’t afford to pay all their employees, so they have to start laying off workers. So now where are you left? It looks like maybe the higher wages you wanted so badly has now left you standing with no paycheck instead of a mediocre one. Welcome to the unemployment line!!! Welcome to government assistance!! Congratulations. You are an idiot…

So now what? You were a fast food/retail employee who clearly has no skills or experience. Now where do you work? Another fast food/retail chain that may or may not have a higher wage, IF you are lucky enough to find one hiring that is. In this economy, coming across any available positions is scarce at best.

Now I know that there are a lot of college alumni that have found it to be quite challenging gaining employment in their field. Even though this is true, it still pays to have a degree of some kind. If I’m not mistaken, employers pay more an hour if you have a college degree. And depending on what your degree is for, you could be a manager at that fast food or retail chain. Education really is the key.

Now, if taxes weren’t so high that would help as well. Since Obama did not extend the Bush tax cuts, my 60cents more an hour means squat. I currently make 60cents more an hour than I did this time last year. I’m working the same amount of hours and have no additional deductions (other than my 401k that takes 25$ per check). But my checks are over 100$ less than when compared to this time last year. That’s 200$ a month I’m no longer receiving. So between the rising gas prices, rising taxes, and rising cost of food, it’s a miracle anyone can survive.

I hate my job. I love what I do, but hate where I’m doing it at. But you won’t see me out there striking the company that gave me a job. Mediocre or not, I need my paycheck. I feel blessed to even have a job right now. I wish others felt the same.


–Tattooed Liberty



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