Oklahoma Death Toll after May 20th Tornado; Lowered

According to The Medical Examiners Office, the death toll in Oklahoma after the devastating May 20th tornado has DROPPED, not risen. It is believed that some were counted twice during the chaos following the destruction. Originally it was at 51, including 20 children. Just updated about 10 minutes ago (10:20am), the death toll is at 24 people, including 7 children.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those families and all of Moore, Oklahoma during this difficult time.

Volunteers and donations are still deeply needed. Information can be found on the Dana Show page. Any help is greatly appreciated.

–Tattooed Liberty

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Miracle in Oklahoma Disaster

Reporter discovers dog buried under rubble while interviewing the owner after the May 20th tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma.

Dog found buried alive in rubble

–Tattooed Liberty

Oklahoma Disaster: Prayers needed

Devastation has occurred in Moore, Oklahoma today. An F3 tornado has struck this suburban area. In its path of destruction; two schools, a hospital, and countless homes. Among the destruction, 51 people (expected to rise) have lost their lives, this includes children.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone and their families in Oklahoma.

Information on how to volunteer or donate can be found on the Dana Show.


–Tattooed Liberty


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