Nik Wallenda walks across gorge near Grand Canyon on a tight rope and praises Jesus with each step

Tonight, Nik Wallenda, a tight rope performer, has successfully walked across a gorge near the Grand Canyon. What makes this daring event even more amazing, is Wallenda praises Jesus with each step he takes.

Wallenda’s journey took place 1,500 feet above the Navajo Nation, ten miles away from the Grand Canyon. His wife, children, parents, and countless others watched in amazement as he completed this daring “stunt”.

During this tight rope walk, Wallenda had no net, no harness, no safety device whatsoever. Just him, the cable, and the canyon below. During his 22 minute walk across, he knelt down twice to help stabilize himself and calm down the wire. Towards the last few feet, Wallenda sprinted the remaining way. His father “just take it slow”, Nik had an agreeing response then sprinted.

Wallenda says he would like his next right rope adventure to be between two sky scrapers in New York.

Good luck Nik!

Nik Wallenda tight rope walk

–Tattooed Liberty



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